We work with organizations and forward-thinkers who want to make a bigger impact with their message.

How can you not only reach more people, but also convert attention into action?

That’s the primary question driving our work with clients. Because even though we’re a boutique PR agency who uses media outreach to raise awareness for our clients’ causes and ideas and drive traffic back to their websites, the biggest challenge you face isn’t reaching more people.

One podcast interview could introduce your ideas to hundreds, if not thousands, of people. A contribution to a media site like Fast Company could reach millions.

The real challenge is building trust with your new audience over time and getting them to take the next step.

When we work with you, our team brings a holistic approach to public relations that includes everything from raising awareness and getting mainstream recognition for your ideas to giving you ideas on how you can use email marketing, blogging and social media to build trust with your audience.

That way, when you’re ready to mobilize, they’re ready to act.

We start by building better messages.

We kick off most new projects with a 45-day Deep Dive that helps us bridge the perception gap between your offerings and your audience’s understanding of the issue. This analysis helps us build better messages — messages that clearly demonstrate your organization’s point-of-view and come across as a breath of fresh air to the people you most want to attract.

At the end of the 45 days, we present our findings to you, complete with a media strategy the team at B can manage for you as well as recommendations on how you can create a unified user experience by integrating the messaging into your most important web pages, content marketing and social media.

When you’re ready (some clients request that we hold off a few weeks, so they can update key web pages and set up better email marketing systems), we leap into action, implementing the media strategy we shared with you.

If you’d like us to take over your blog or email marketing, we can talk about that, too.

What Our Standard Deep Dive + Media Outreach Package Includes

Market research

Market research is the cornerstone of our approach. We model your audience’s behavior to get a deep understanding of how they would frame the problem you’re solving and what information they’re encountering in the media and marketplace.

Your unique positioning

Getting attention for your ideas is a balancing act that requires you to be audience-aware and deliberately provocative. With the market research in hand, we analyze the conversations your audience and target media are already having to pinpoint your point of differentiation.

Story starters

Now that we know what’s going to resonate, we shape your messages into a story the media can’t help but share.

Media outreach

You only get one chance at a good first impression. We use our know-how and deep experience working with all kinds of media to snare the reporters, bloggers, producers and editors that will understand and want to broadcast your ideas.

Content strategy

To move people, consistency is key. We help you integrate your new messaging across your website, blog, email updates, and all your social media channels.

Media training

Go into every interview with confidence. We prep you with likely questions, a profile on the media contact, and insider tips on how to give a great interview for radio, TV and print opportunities. Whether you’re booked on a podcast or the TODAY show, you’ll know exactly what to expect.

We break normal in the PR industry.

  • Our measurement takes into account your chief initiatives. Many of our clients are seeking to get traction for their ideas, attract the attention of publishers or promote social or environmental causes.
  • Our public relations campaigns are fully integrated with your brand positioning and ongoing marketing efforts.
  • We know that today’s media is interconnected. Journalists get ideas from bloggers, Twitter users break news, and your fans just might be super users on Pinterest.
  • We’re a high-touch agency. We don’t just send out a press release and call it a day — we work hard to uncover what a particular reporter or blogger wants and deliver exclusive content that hits all the right notes.
  • We offer project pricing so you’re never surprised by your monthly invoice. Our base Deep Dive + Media Outreach package starts at $17,500 and spans 5-6 months.

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