Opt Out of the Grind: Reach Millions with Media Mentoring from B

Too often, provocative ideas and innovative products get overlooked, because their creators think they have to make it big before they reach out to mainstream media.

Instead of leveraging the media to reach thousands, if not millions, you churn out blog post after blog post. You make sporadic efforts to guest post (usually right before a big launch), and you’ve created a system to grow your social media platform.

All this effort translates into 10 new customers here or 100 new subscribers there.

Here’s the thing: You can opt out of the grind.

Journalists LOVE to discover the next big thing.

And you don’t need a bigger list or a six figure budget to get started.

Our media mentoring is designed to support an intimate group of up-and-coming innovators, tastemakers and entrepreneurs who are ready to build a bigger platform, now.
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